Twelve Month Winter

Today it snowed
and it reminded me of snow.
The wind blew
and I thought about blow.

I smiled.

Have you ever seen snow melt?
The soft white turn hard enough
to break up a stable home
or erode its solid foundation?

Mrs. Jeffers says you should use salt on snow
but Big Mike told me baking powder works best.
Mrs. Jeffers gave me a C plus in Science
but Big Mike gave me a C note for my grades.

I believed both of them.

Snow keeps me from going to school, though:
sometimes my momma can’t hear me
telling her I need my hair combed.
She nods.
And we get snowed in sometimes.
But not today

Mrs. Jeffers came and picked us up
for school.
She said Momma used up all of our snow days.
Big Mike said he hopes the snow keeps coming
all year.

I like snow sometimes.
Momma says it makes her feel numb.
We feel the same.

We both smile.

I never understood, though,
why Big Mike put snow in a pot
of boiling water
so I asked him:

He said he was making a crack brick.

Mrs. Jeffers said it would take years for snow
to crack brick.
Mrs. Jeffers gave me an F in Science.
Big Mike gave me two-hundred dollars
to hide his snowball

I believed Big Mike:

I hope the snow keeps coming all year, too.